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Brooklyn, New York
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The building dates back to 1898 and was originally designed by the George M. Newhall Engineering Co. for the Arbuckle Brothers sugar refinery. Brothers John and Charlie Arbuckle moved to Brooklyn in 1881 to become the greatest coffee roasters of their generation in the 1860s. Arbuckle invented a machine that efficiently roasted, ground, and packaged coffee into small bags for mass distribution throughout the country. Prior to this innovation, coffee beans had to be sold unroasted from barrels and were easily spoiled. Arbuckle patented a unique egg-and-sugar glaze that prolonged the freshness of their coffee beans as they were transported west. In 1887, Arbuckle launched a sugar refinery at 10 Jay Street when Havemeyer Sugar refused to lower prices for their biggest customer. Havemeyer went into the coffee business in response, resulting in depressed coffee and sugar prices for years.

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