Classic Studio With A Luxurious Twist In Beverly Hills Adj

Los Angeles, California
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This is a great place for photography, production, small event, movie screening place in our 2,000 foot wherehouse in the heart to the TMZ in Beverly Hill Adj right off of La Cienega. We just finished a 22x24 foot Cyc wall that you can see in the photo, and we are working with a high level designer in the West Hollywood interior design community to create a space that is top of the line for you and your needs. There are also 8k projectors positioned 360 degrees around the space to project any image or movie that you can imaging, and we have tech support available to help you create so amazing things with this technology. There is a makeup station that we have recently put together, and there is an extra room with tables that you can use as an office, changing room, prep area. The main space with in the entrance is plush with top of the line carpeting, and unique walls painted with glitter by our in house interior design master. The curtain closes, so you can have privacy in the main office prep area, and it electronically opens when you need to enter the main studio space. The ceiling is close to 14 feet high, so with the open space that is provided, no telling what you can do. The other cool thing is there is a large garage with 2 parking spaces in the back, and it is super easy to pull a car into the space if you want to do some car photography because a large garage door opens up to the back of the building. The only down side if you are recording sound is that there is a school across the street, so week days it can be a little loud before 4pm, but the weekends are usually pretty quiet. The last last thing is that we can cover the skylight on the ceiling if that is a requirement of your shoot. Look forward to hearing from you

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