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Orick, California
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Otter Space is off the grid, through a Redwood forest and over a mountain down into the Klamath River valley. We have a 5 acre meadow, and an orchard with 50 trees, peaches pears, apples, cherries, plums, pluots, apricots and grapes. We are right on the Klamath river on the Yurok reservation. It's a great place to come and recharge your internal batteries. (We have to start the generator to charge the other kind of batteries, because we're off-the-grid!) There is no telephone or internet service to interrupt your peace and quiet. The highlight of Otter Space is our spacious Two-story Klamath Riverview Yurt which perches on a 50 x 50 foot deck overlooking the wild Klamath River. Luscious to sit outside and watch the river flow by during the day, and to let the water lull you to sleep at night. Down the spiral staircase to our Kitchen, stocked with pots, pans, plates, dishes and cutlery for 6-8, as well as a dining area under the deck. The Yurt is a magical get-away that can house two couples, or up to 8 people! The private shower and bathroom is fully equipped and has a picture window overlooking the river. The 30' circular structure was originally set up as a conference meeting room, which morphed into a home for a family of 5 for two years, and is now available for you and your family or friends to stay at Otter Space for a long weekend of "off the grid" relaxation, hiking, and playing in the river. For families, old friends, folks who like to fish, or just for a very special get-away. We have plenty of places to camp. Our Maple Riverview and Pepperwood Riverview tent sites overlook the gorgeous Klamath River. Our Orchard Meadow, Morning Meadow, and Deer Meadow tent sites each have a picnic table and a fire pit and are close to our 5 acre meadow, where black tail deer graze in the evenings. Our Blue Cottage and Pumpkin Cottage each sleep 4-5 comfortably and are close to the shower house and toilets. They have hot and cold running water, a propane cook top, and a wood stove for heat. They do NOT have electric refrigeration, (we use ice chests!). As of right now, we only have electricity if the generator is on. We do not turn it on very often. We have beds with mattresses, blankets, pillows, towels and clean bedding. Our Double Yellow Shower House has two separate sides, each with a toilet, sink and shower with on demand hot water, so folks don't have to wait. There is also an outhouse at the bottom of the road to the meadow, for use by Maple Riverview, Orchard Meadow and the Morning Meadow camps, and a second outhouse in the far corner of the meadow for Pepperwood Riverview, the River Teepee and the Dear Meadow Camp. Feel free to pee outside (with discretion if there are other campers present), for any solid waste, please use the appropriate accommodations. Any campers can use the shower house. Please be considerate of others. We see lots of wildlife, we have silver foxes, a bald eagle, and a family of river otters just downstream. We see vultures and blue heron and osprey who fly overhead when they catch a salmon and call to each other to brag about it! Sometimes we see timid black bears who run from humans but sometimes can be seen grazing in the meadow with the black-tail deer. We are surrounded by old logging trails made by the lumber companies 80 years ago when they clear cut the old growth redwood on our side of the mountain, and now it's completely reforested with 200 ft tall Doug Fir, Madrone, Cedar, Oak, other Pine species and Pepper wood trees. MORE ABOUT OTTER SPACE The Otter Space Conference Center was purchased in 2002 by Dr. Peter Alsop as a place of peace and healing, where human service professionals come to train with Dr. Alsop and learn how to help children and families cope with issues such as chemical dependency, loss and grief, child abuse and trauma. We are located on the Yurok Indian reservation on the Klamath River just outside Orick, CA. The name Otter Space comes from a family of otters that live just down river. It’s also combination of“Artist’s Space” and “Outer Space” and implies the importance of thinking “out of the box”, valuing music and the arts in healing, and living our lives fully, so we can pass our Earth on to our children along with a set of sustainable living skills and personal interactive skills that might help them survive into the future. Our Main House was built in 1952 and retains the flavor of the 50’s. It houses a kitchen, dining hall, a living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom with a bathtub and shower. The Barn has two bedrooms upstairs with a shared bathroom, and workshop below. Joe and Wendy Moore and their three children live in The Lodge, their log cabin home by the river. They live sustainably off the land and offer workshops on a number of sustainable practices. They will be available to help if help is needed. They also have emergency phone service to the outside world, emphasis on “emergency”. PARKING You may want to drive your camper van or smaller RV to the campsite. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may be able to park in the meadow, next to your camp, or up at the main house, and pitch your tent in the site you’ve reserved. TIMES Please clean up and check out of your site by 11:am on the day of your departure. You can check in by 2:pm on the day of your arrival. CLIMATE & THE KLAMATH Otter Space is in what many call the “banana belt” of the Humboldt rain forest. Plan on bringing layers of clothing as temperatures can go from hot and warm during the day, to quite cool and even cold after dark. The Klamath River is swift moving (usually about 7 knots, and strong). It runs 286 miles from Klamath Falls, OR to the sea. There are four tributaries: the Scott, Shasta, Trinity and Salmon Rivers. Swimming in the summer months is delicious. We have mostly pebbly beaches and a sandy spot upstream near a big rock outcropping that we use for diving. The river is chilly until late June and it cools down again in late September. NEIGHBORS There are very few neighbors in this area. The Yurok village of Wautek is directly across the river from Otter Space. (The non-native name for Wautek is Johnson’s Bar, which used to be a trading post. Ships could get into the mouth of the Klamath and they would send boats upstream to trade with the Yurok for pelts and fish, etc. In the late 1800’s silt build up made it impossible for trading vessels to come into the river, so the trading dried up.) We also have a couple of neighbors who live on the property next to our meadow on the other side of our organic fruit orchard. Please use our path ways to travel, and respect the privacy and tranquility of our neighbors by not keeping late hours or playing loud music.

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