2300 Sq Ft Luxury Studio Loft W/Private Deck & Custom Smarthome Lighting

Los Angeles, California
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One of the most unique and exciting lofts in Los Angeles, our studio has a modern style and an artistic flair that is perfect for your next event, film production or photoshoot. Our decor is a perfect fusion of Moroccan décor and bleeding edge smarthome technology, via Alexa. Everything from the vertical blinds to the television, projector, dozens of lights and the music are controlled with simple voice commands. It’s straight out of a science fiction movie! Our studio is a very spacious 2300 square feet, with beautiful polished concrete floors and several hundred feet of private deck space. Each room has custom lighting and is tastefully decorated with lightweight, beautiful contemporary furniture that is easy to restyle (or hide completely) within minutes. The main downstairs area is a massive open layout with 18 foot high ceilings that is wonderful for hosting events such as birthday parties, workshops, corporate events, bridal or baby showers, classrooms, yoga studios, spin classes, ballet, receptions or formal gatherings. There is a large office with sliding frosted glass doors that have been utilized for commercial productions and short films. We have an open kitchen layout that has been used for several Internet cooking shows, as well as commercial lifestyle projects. There is a white rolling kitchen island in the kitchen, with brown wood grain cabinets and drawers, as well as a gorgeous reclaimed wood table with cafeteria-style seating and a rolling stainless steel utility cart. Our large private patio has amazing 25’ tall bamboo plants and patio furniture, perfect for breakout space during corporate events or portrait photoshoots. The patio wraps around our entire loft, which makes it an ideal staging area. Every room in our loft may be lit from outside via the patio. The upstairs lounge has an HD projector with a 100” motorized projection screen, which is wonderful for hosting private screenings. Just say “Alexa, turn on the projector”. There is also a gorgeous rattan daybed with a Moroccan themed cushion, lots of vibrant green plants and modular sofa pieces that may be reconfigured to create chairs, couches, loveseats or sectionals. The master bedroom is large enough for multiple crew members, talent and lighting. It receives the most beautiful afternoon light and is decorated with a unique low profile platform bed and custom lighting. Productions: Our studio is a popular spot for still and video photographers and has many options for shooting. I am a commercial photographer by trade and my wife is a makeup artist, so we know what looks good on camera and designed our space with pictures and video in mind. We also have grip equipment (light stands, clamps) that can be used at no charge, as well as optional Paul Buff Einstein strobes that may be optionally reserved. - There is an incredible amount of free street parking all around us (every street in a five block radius has free street parking and we are happy to share a list of streets to park on), as well as nearby commercial parking lots. ============================================== STUDIO RENTAL RULES Welcome to our space! Our names are Deacon, Sarah and Maria and we’re completely relaxed and friendly folks. This studio is not only our place of business, but also our home. At least one of us will be on-site during rentals to assist you with questions or concerns, but we do our best to stay out of your way and give you space. Below are a list of rules that will make your time with us that much smoother and enjoyable! - Our building is quiet, with working professionals and residences. Our building has a zero tolerance for noise disturbances such as loud music, partying, screaming, stomping on the stairs/railings, etc. To avoid interruption of your rental, please be respectful of our home and our neighbors and do not film any scenes involving loud noises in our space. - For your protection and for ours, there are 11 security cameras recording video and audio to cloud servers. Blocking, disabling, unplugging or tampering with the cameras will immediately end your rental. If a camera plug or wire is interfering with your production, come speak to one of us and we can relocate it. There are no cameras in the restrooms and we recommend using them for changing. - We require a detailed call sheet for all productions, which should include a list of talent and crew, as well as which areas are being used at roughly which times. This helps us to understand your needs and make accommodations for your production (such as where to put the cats, removing our personal items, etc). - Your rental end time is your departure time and is a ‘hard out’, meaning that the last person should be leaving at your rental end time. Because of this, we recommend beginning your cleanup at least 30 minutes in advance. Overtime is billed in 30-minute increments at a 1.5x rate and is not guaranteed, as we may have something else scheduled. - Your load in and load out must have no impact on our neighbors and surrounding businesses. Equipment must be brought directly to our space, with no staging in the common areas such as the courtyard and quiet voices must be used when moving through the common areas. - You are welcome to move anything, but please use gentle hands. Some of our pieces are more fragile and more expensive than they look and some are one of a kind pieces that cannot be easily replaced. All paintings, vases and other fragile pieces must be covered with blankets or padding and placed in low traffic areas. If you do not have the means to protect them, then they should not be moved. - If you unplug something, PLUG IT BACK IN WHEN YOU ARE DONE. Likewise, be careful about what you unplug; there are three white Google wifi routers, several Alexa Echo units and several security cameras which may not be unplugged. - Do not jump on our furniture. - Cabinets, drawers and the contents within are off limits, as they contain our personal property. If your filming requires the use of cabinets, please give us a chance to remove personal items first. - For larger productions (productions with crews of 5 or more) you may cover high traffic areas (that aren’t part of the production) with mats, or wear slipcovers on your shoes. This rule does not apply to small shoots and events. - Proof of insurance is required for all events and productions with more than five people. We recommend low cost daily insurance at https://www.theeventhelper.com , which covers all events, photoshoots and filming. - All activities must be kept inside of our loft, or on the patio. The common areas of the building (courtyard, pool, gym, etc) may not be used for filming, staging or storing equipment and you may not place any signage outside of our suite. - Alcohol may only be served by a licensed bartender or caterer. For safety reasons, no ‘byob’ events are allowed. - The following streets have free street parking: Redwood, Maxella, Hager, Sunnyside, Ida, Tivoli, Michael, Alla. All but one side of Redwood, Sunnyside and part of Ida have unlimited free parking. We have never seen a time when these streets don’t have ample parking, but please be aware that we have no control over parking availability. - High speed Internet is provided as a courtesy, but please be aware that we can’t control Internet outages. Traffic is monitored, so please do not download illegal content. - No speakers and amps aside from those already in the unit are allowed. - Confetti, glitter, smoke, fog, feathers or other small particulates are not allowed - Do not sit or stand on coffee tables, end tables, countertops, the dining table, or the kitchen island. - The bathroom is upstairs and to your left - By the time your rental ends, the location should be exactly as it was when you arrived. We charge a flat $500 cleaning fee plus damages for all instances of rubbish and dirt. - Please do not leave the front door standing open unless you are loading/unloading. - You’re responsible for the conduct of your guests. We don’t tolerate disrespectful comments, pornography or hard drug use. If we feel that our safety is at risk, then we will end the rental. - For religious reasons, no ‘occult’ (witchcraft, Ouija, tarot, crystals, etc) activities are permitted. - Always use coasters (or a plate) for your drinks on the wood tables and please do not do makeup on the wood tables. - Our computer workstation is off limits, as well as any phones or tablets of ours.

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