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Toronto Studios Brick Studio With Full Kitchen

Brick Studio With Full Kitchen

89 Niagara Street
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1C3
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Brick Studio With Full Kitchen

Perfect for photography or video- seated portraits or interviews, etc. Multiple surfaces including exposed brick, white brick, and white and grey seamless backdrops. Various looks are possible, from a clean look to an industrial feel. The space is on the ground floor with easy access to outside, as well as total control over the lighting (no windows, so total blackout is very easy.) The kitchen area is also well suited to food photography, with plenty of space around the work area for setting up lights and a full kitchen to prep the dishes. The studio is primarily used for shooting portraits, though several short films have also been shot at this location. Included with the rental are 2 v-flats, 2 c-stands, and seating for up to 10. Additional camera and lighting equipment is available at very reasonable rates, including 4ft Kino-flos, LED fresnels, and softboxes. Renters are able to bring their own food and drinks and keep them in the fridge, though all garbage must be removed at the end of the day.

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