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Toronto Studios Revprint Studio 205

Revprint Studio 205

146 Thirtieth Street
Toronto, Ontario, M8W 3C4
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Website: www.revprint.com

Revprint Studio 205

We take our photography seriously, our black out shooting area gives ultimate control for your lighting with very little bounced light to interfere with your masterpeice. ​ You can sit and relax on our oh so comfy leather couch or adjust your make up at our make up station. Rotating displays of artwork adorn the studio, giving it a relaxing laid back vibe. We are a full service rental studio, we have packages including all studio lights backdrops and a tech to adjust and help with lighting and reflectors We have 3 hour weeknight introductory rentals for Only $135.00 for 3 hours! Just bring your SLR and we supply the studio experience, from product to full fashion or glam shoots we have you covered. We also do private lessons and quarterly workshops as well to help sharpen your skills, Fashion, Studio portrait and Product photography

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