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Toronto Studios Hamiltonstudio.Ca - Your Studio When You Need One!

Hamiltonstudio.Ca - Your Studio When You Need One!

468 Cumberland Avenue
Hamilton, Ontario, L8M 3M5
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Website: www.hamiltonstudio.ca

Hamiltonstudio.Ca - Your Studio When You Need One!

As a photographer, or a video producer, you probably do the majority of your work on location. Maybe you’re working at it part time, or you’re an avid amateur. You can’t justify a permanent studio, but there are times you would use a studio if you could. HamiltonStudio.ca is YOUR studio to use by the day, or by the half day, when you need one. HamiltonStudio.ca can be found tucked in front of railroad tracks across from historical Gage Park in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s LOADED with character, and has everything you need. Located in a former factory with lofty ceilings, brick walls, original windows, and spacious wooden floors - Interior or exterior shooting - it's the perfect backdrop!

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