About Us

Film location scouting made easy

Set Scouter is a film location scouting marketplace that connects film producers looking for the perfect set with residential homeowners looking to rent out their space for production. Set Scouter has developed an expanding catalogue of locations available for filmmakers, producers and media professionals. Set Scouter aims to make the location scouting process faster, easier, and more affordable.

Listing your home is easier than ever

Location listing is a crucial part of location scouting. Before Set Scouter, you had to know someone in the industry to list your location in order to reap the rewards. We’ve created a place where you can list your location — and filmmakers can easily find it.

Set Scouter allows filmmakers to view high resolution images, know your ‘house rules’, and show a map of your general location (your address and identity are kept private until booking). We make it easy to start making money off your existing space by listing on Set Scouter.

We make production easier for producers, production managers, and professional scouts.

We have taken the hassle out of the location scouting process. We’ve tried booking sets before and know how difficult it is to find a location, let alone book it for your shoot. We have created a place where you can easily find the perfect space.

Search by location type, availability, price, amenities, and then book the location, simply and easily. See the location on a map, go through images, find exactly what the location has to offer in terms of on site and nearby amenities — all without going through countless hours of back and forth in person or through an expensive location scout.

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