Host a production, earn money

Host a production,
earn money.

The most recognized brands are filming now, make your home part of their production!

Why host on Set Scouter?

Completely Free

There’s no cost to list your space and you keep 100% of your negotiated rental rate. Set Scouter is paid directly by the production team.

Small production sizes

Set Scouter specializes in smaller productions (commercials, music videos, and branded content). An average production is 12 hours with a cast and crew of about 15 people.

Fully Insured

Set Scouter collects mandatory security deposits for any minor damages. Your home is also covered by the production’s insurance policy.

How it works

Make a listing (Get listed in 10 minutes)
If you own a property you can list it on Set Scouter. All it takes to be eligible for production is a description of the space, photos, and your rental price.
Thousands of producers are scouting for spaces using Set Scouter. Let our team put you on their radar!
Get Booked (Accept bookings that are the right fit for you)
Take control of your rental rate, availability, and the productions you’re willing to host. You’ll be able to coordinate details directly with producers and ask questions about their production, schedules, and plans.
Set Scouter protects your address and personal information and it’s only shared privately when you accept a booking.
Get Paid (Extra income with complete peace of mind)
Set Scouter collects payment from production teams before the shoot date. To protect your space we collect a security deposit to cover any minor damages. Set Scouter holds these funds in escrow until the end of the shoot.

What homeowners are
saying about Set Scouter!

Set Scouter is always responsive and on top of their productions. I've had a very positive experience with them and will continue to work with them in the future!

Liana, Member Since 2016
If you’ve ever considered renting your house, and felt uncomfortable, Set Scouter will change your mind... they make it smooth and painless! Don't worry, Set Scouter is taking care of it :)

Tony, Member Since 2016
The team at Set Scouter was most helpful in facilitating the recent production in our home. They communicated with us promptly and made the entire process as easy as can be! It was a great experience from beginning to end.

Andra, Member Since 2018
Set Scouter has always been very responsive and supportive in a kind and dynamic manner. Renting my home through Set Scouter has been a positive experience :)

Cecile, Member Since 2016
I am very very happy with my relationship with Set Scouter. They make sure everything is organized and you are protected against any kind of damage. They are interested in your concerns and work on behalf of the client and the production company. I would highly recommend Set Scouter!

Beverly, Member Since 2014
A professional company that maintains constant contact and strives to resolve issues with speed. I felt they were looking out for the host’s interests first and foremost which made me feel more secure in the decision to use my apartment for shoots. The rental rate is also better than Airbnb plus you can return home when the team leaves at the end of the day.

Eric, Member Since 2015
This was our first experience with Set Scouter and our first booking. We definitely got lucky with an excellent and professional renter/crew, but Set Scouter was informative and communicative throughout the process. It's daunting to leave your home in the hands of 15-20 or more complete strangers, but Set Scouter made this process better and put us at ease.

Natasha, Member Since 2016
Brands using Set Scouter

Your questions answered

How is my information protected? Is it public?
No personal information is shared on your listing or provided to any producer without your consent. Your listing will show your first name, photos of your space, and a map of your neighborhood but not your exact address.
Your last name, address, and contact information is never shown publicly on your listing.
How am I protected from accidents and damages?
Set Scouter works with fully-insured productions and will provide you with a copy of the production insurance listing your space on their policy. In addition, we will collect a security deposit which is held until the shoot completes and is used to cover minor damage or overtime.
How much will I get paid?
This is ultimately up to you and what you feel most comfortable with. Once you list, Set Scouter can recommend a rental rate based on your location, property size, and decor. The offers you receive will differ based on the type of production team and their budget.
Your listed price is a guideline for the production team and we encourage you to stay flexible to decide on whether the production budget works for you on a case by case basis. Negotiation on Set Scouter is welcome!
How much does Set Scouter cost?
Listing your home on Set Scouter is free and you keep 100% of the agreed rental rates. Set Scouter is paid directly by the production team — you never have to worry about commissions or success fees.

Create your free listing

Join our community of homeowners supporting production. We built Set Scouter to safely connect responsible producers with trusting homeowners.

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