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Dos and Donts on Set Scouter
Do ask questions before accepting a viewing or booking

Use the opportunity when a producer first reaches out to learn more about the production and how they want to use your space

Do understand that negotiation is part of our marketplace

A producer may reach out with an offer above or below your asking price. We typically book productions that are 1-2 days, 12 hour/day, and about 15 people on set. If the proposed production is different, be open to suggestions! You can counter with a price you think is appropriate.

Don’t share any personal information.

Do not share any personal information over the platform including: your last name, home address, phone number, email, name of your place of work, magazine features, etc. This is for your safety and security. Your information will only be shared once a viewing has been processed to ensure safety.

Messaging on Set Scouter

Messages with personal information are censored until producers submit viewings: Shared contact information on your listing or in your messages will be automatically removed or censored.

Messages are uncensored after a viewing is accepted by the location owner: Once a producer submits a viewing and you accept it, all contact information will be released. At this point, no further messages will be censored and you can then arrange details for the viewing and production at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why can’t I share my personal information on Set Scouter? To keep your personal information safe, we limit what is publically available until you approve a viewing or production. Remember: fraud is possible, so Set Scouter’s policies and processes are aimed at reducing and combating this issue. Going through Set Scouter means that you’re protected from beginning to end of the production process. My space is a historic landmark, can I tell producers what it is? Unfortunately, not at first! For your safety and security, we ask that you remove any branding from your listing, and that when you do speak with a producer, you avoid mentioning the name of your space until they book a viewing. Once we release your contact information, feel free to tell them everything about your space! How is my home protected? Set Scouter has built a trusted community of producers. Upon booking, we will provide you with insurance certificates protecting your space, confirmation that the producer has paid for the rental to our escrow account, including the security deposit to cover any potential minor damages and overtime fees. We’ve thought of everything to protect your location. What questions should I be asking producers?
Here are some initial questions to ask to give you a better idea of the production:
  • “How many days will you be shooting and what are the expected hours?”
  • “How many people are in the cast and crew?”
  • “What rooms will be used and how?” Mention any areas you would like to be off limits and any house rules you might have.
In general, ask anything that you need to know to feel comfortable enough to 'accept' or 'deny' a production.
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