Safety & Security


Your name, address, and listings are protected.

We only show your first name, the rest is hidden until booking. We also encourage you to not share your information with potential scouters until confirmation (ie. phone number, address and email).

Hidden addresses

Set Scouter only displays locations in a 2km radius on our maps.

This allows scouters to get a sense of the area, without seeing your exact address. Upon booking of a location, the address will be released. Addresses and information can be released using the Book Viewing button.

Security deposit

It’s in our hands, not to worry.

When renting spaces, we collect a standard $1000/day security deposit if something were to happen. This way you know if anything happens, the productions have the funds to cover damages. Once the production is finished, we encourage a producer/owner walkthrough to identify any a minor damages.


100% insured

Productions are required to provide insurance documentation and co-insurable certificates on locations. Certificates will be collected by Set Scouter and given to homeowners.

Refer to our Terms and Conditions for additional information about our policies.


Sometime time escapes us all, bill safely and fairly.

Productions are billed 10% of the booking price for every additional 30 minutes (minimum of $50 per 30 minutes).

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