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Cancellation Policy

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Our cancellation policy exists to safeguard everyone on Set Scouter’s marketplace during unexpected events. We understand that sometimes productions need to cancel, our framework to ensure it is safe and fair for everybody involved.

Shoot Date
7+ days before shoot
7+ days notice
80% refund on the listing price.
The service fee is non refundable.
72+ hours before shoot
72+ hours notice
50% refund on the listing price.
The service fee is non refundable.
24+ hours before shoot
24+ hours notice
25% refund on the listing price.
The service fee is non refundable.
Less than 24 hours
Less than 24 hours notice
0% refund on the listing price.
The service fee is non refundable.
  • The Set Scouter service fee included in your initial payment is always non-refundable.
  • Cancellation fees only apply if the booking request has been accepted by the location owner.
  • Reasons for cancelling, as well as any disputes from either party, must be given within 24 hours of the situation's occurrence. Set Scouter has the final say in all disputes.
  • Bookings are not officially cancelled until you receive a cancellation email or notice of cancellation from Set Scouter.
Pardonable Cancellations

Set Scouter can choose to pardon a cancellation due to extenuating circumstances, which would result in a partial or full refund of the booking.

Below are the circumstances in which Set Scouter may choose to pardon a cancellation:

  • If a booking request is accidentally accepted by a location owner, as well as if the location owner decides to cancel a booking after it has been accepted.
  • Another member of the production team booked the same location.
  • Natural disaster or severe weather conditions, which trigger a state of emergency, that prevent the use of the location or the producer’s ability to travel to the location.
  • Serious injury that directly prevents either party from participating.
  • Unexpected death or Serious illness that occurs to a location owner, producer or an immediate family member of either party.
  • Maintenance issues or damage to the location that prevents the safe use of the space.
  • Government office/agency issuances of security advisories or travel restrictions.
  • A Court or Municipal order that prevents the use of a location.
  • Any other circumstances deemed appropriate by Set Scouter.
Set Scouter Initiated Cancellations

Set Scouter can decide, at any point in the process, that it is necessary or appropriate to cancel an accepted booking. During an initiated cancellation, refunds and payouts will be up to the discretion of Set Scouter and may vary depending on the circumstances that have led to the cancellation.

Below are the circumstances in which Set Scouter could choose to initiate a cancellation:

  • If Set Scouter discovers that the production has pornographic content.
  • If a producer or location owner breaks Set Scouter’s Terms of Service or Code of Conduct.
  • Inability to provide production insurance or payment within the deadline set by Set Scouter.
  • If Set Scouter suspects illegal activity of any kind.
  • If the production company or brand is unverified/fraudulent
  • If the location becomes unavailable after the booking request has been accepted.
  • Any other circumstances deemed appropriate by Set Scouter.
Rain Dates

Rain dates are production days that are scheduled tentatively, and are dependent on weather. These are agreed upon directly between the location owner and producer prior to the shoot. However, Set Scouter must be notified of the rain dates at least 24 hours prior to the shoot date.

No rescheduling or cancellation fees will apply for the use of an agreed upon rain date.


A producer can reschedule their booking. However, in order to do so they must meet the following criteria:

  • A new date has been agreed upon by both parties.
  • The rescheduled date must be within 90 days of the original production date.
  • Set Scouter must be notified of the new production date within 48 hours of the cancellation notice.

If the above criteria is not met, the booking will be treated as a cancellation and Set Scouter’s cancellation policies will apply.

Incremental Rescheduling Fees

A rescheduling fee applies each time a booking is rescheduled. The fee increases by an increment of $100 with each rescheduled date. Each rescheduling fee is collected as a separate payment and is added to the location owner’s payout.

The fee scale is based on the number of total reschedules, without limitation. For example:

  • First time rescheduling fee: $100
  • Second subsequent rescheduling fee: $200 (in addition to the initial $100 fee)
  • Third subsequent rescheduling fee: $300 (in addition to the previous fees of $100 and $200)
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