Set Scouter Inc. is growing and looking for talented people from all walks of life. We’re hiring Web Developers, Sales Leaders, Photographers, and Location Scouts.

Freelance Photographer

Set Scouter is currently looking for experienced freelance photographers for contract work throughout North America.

Set Scouter commissions photography that captures each space in a natural way. We work with photographers that have experience working with natural light and preferably have a portfolio (online) of interior work to share. Those with a background in interior, architectural and neighbourhood photography are strongly preferred. We will consider applicants with exceptional experience in other types of photography, provided the portfolio showcases professional skills in composition, lighting and technique.

Photographers are retained as independent contractors. Assignments cover a localized region and generally involve travel within a 45 minute radius of a photographer's location. As a freelance photographer, you are free to take on assignments from other companies, as long as they are not direct competitors. An ability to communicate (written and verbal) in English is required for communication with our team of editors.

Co-op Internship (Media or Business)

This application form is for broadcast, media, journalism, & business students in university-approved internship programs.

Our founders believe there is no greater experience than education. That's why we've created an internship program for students in credit-based co-op internship courses.

Over here there is no cookie-cutter internship, our goal is to develop your unique passions and help build your experience.