Diptych Studio

Toronto, Ontario
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Diptych Studio is a 5500 sq ft 2-floor creative production space fully outfitted for photography, motion, seminars, castings, fitting, costume, and special events. Located in a 150 year old building in the downtown Toronto Entertainment District, it can double as a space with impressive character not reminiscent of Toronto, meanwhile boasting unmatched proximity views of the Toronto skyline from our additional 3000 sq ft private rooftop. Production workspace which has been the birthplace of Toronto Men's Fashion Week, several businesses, countless photoshoots, editorials, music videos and motion picture content. Dedicated Studio Area: 33 ft x 35 ft Meeting Room: 15 ft x 15 ft seperate 'boardroom area' Features: - Photography lighting and equipment - currently we have 13 different coloured seamless *paper backdrops (white, black, “green screen” green, medium blue, grey, olive, beige, yellow, green, pink, purple, red, orange, and brown) $5/foot charge per use for any footprints or marks from usage which require cutting off - Free WiFi - Massive Rooftop - Lounge area - Heating / Air conditioning - Multiple tables & stacking chairs - Multiple couches, furniture, decor - Impressive tropical plant collection - Full kitchen Capacity: 150 Person standing in main studio Rental Rates: (minimum 2-hour for any studio rental) ___STILL PHOTOGRAPHY - $50/hourly === - main studio is $50/hour - entire building with rooftop is $70/hour - in-studio lighting and equipment access $40 usage fee - seamless paper backdrops are $5 per foot for any roll used, to account for their wear and replacement - 15 colours available ___VIDEO SHOOT RENTAL - $100/hourly === - includes lighting access and full building access ___EVENT RENTAL - $100/hourly (and up...) === - Evening events of 30 ppl or less start from our event rental rate of $100 per hour. A very basic one day or night event of 6 hours or less on-site would generally start from the $600 mark, unless there are certain things which are more demanding of the space or staff, such as larger groups, loud music or rowdiness, extra long setup work, intent to profit from either admission charge or alcohol sales etc... For group sizes that were above and beyond the 30 ppl base amount, there was an additional charge of $10 per person for all extra attendee's.  We can go over these things in further detail once there's a response back from you illustrating the event a bit more in depth. ___PRIVATE MEETING ROOM - (Fits 8 person) - $30/hourly === - glass table - 8 chairs - projector available upon request

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