Modern Maui

Hawaii, United States
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Newly built North Shore modern Ohana and office with distinctive shape and panoramic views. Structures are a minimal yet innovative aesthetic with an abundance of natural light, constructed in glass, steel, and concrete. At the top of the sloping property, the 930-square-foot office is a see-through box; two parallel 38-foot-wide glass walls frame the panoramic vista. Design incorporates bold, clean, geometric shapes and visually intriguing configurations, like the office stacked atop the garage. A pathway leads from the above-grade structure to the 990-square-foot cottage, which is modestly but comfortably outfitted with cozy furnishings, a mobile koa-wood kitchen island, polished concrete floors, and a gas fireplace to warm up chilly north shore evenings. In the two bedrooms, brightly painted vertical steel beams provide pops of color. Minimalist kitchen includes a koa-wood backsplash and moveable island along with polished concrete floor. Office is furnished with a Tetris-style modular sofa upholstered in vintage denim, and a levitating sit/stand desk that can double as a conference table. In the living room, a sectional sofa upholstered in soft vintage denim, a beverage station tucked into one wall, and a shoji-style “box-within-a-box” multipurpose room with walls that slide open on two sides. Neutral-toned furnishings congregate in the cottage’s living room, providing ultra-cozy, front-row seating to the spectacular view. The polished concrete floor was stamped with wood to give it a textured appearance. Other features include a reverse-osmosis ultraviolet water purification system, a battery system that captures and stores excess energy from rooftop solar panels.

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