Viewing / Scouting FAQ

What is Book Viewing?

Book Viewing is a scheduling tool that lets a producer book a short visit to an owner’s space. This viewing, called a scout, is meant to give the producer a good understanding of the space before they commit to booking.

Book Viewing allows the scheduling and payment process to be done directly online through the Set Scouter website.

Do I need to have a Set Scouter account to book a viewing?

Yes, you will need to create a free Set Scouter account.

Is the $40 deposit applied to each viewing I book?

Yes. Each time you book a viewing and the location owner confirms your request, you will be billed. This allows you to see personal information, such as address and contact info of the owner. Because you are getting access to private information, you are charged a deposit. This happens every time you book a viewing.

What constitutes a Special Circumstance that could prompt a refund of the viewing deposit?

A special circumstance is when you book a viewing, the owner accepts your booking and does not show up to the viewing. If this happens, please report the owner to Set Scouter immediately. We will investigate the owner/listing and remove them off the platform if necessary. Though Set Scouter does not ‘vet’ any of its users and is not liable for a missed scout. We may, upon our discretion, credit your deposit for your next production. In order for this to be considered, the production team must have not entered the location and have no future chance of visiting that location (i.e. the owner is unreachable).

What if I sent a request but the owner does not respond in time?

Your credit card is not charged until the owner confirms. All viewing requests will be cancelled within 48 hours if the owner does not respond. You can always try messaging the owner after that point, try another booking request or contact

How does the $40 deposit factor in my final location booking?

Once you are ready to book a location, a $40 deposit (plus applicable taxes) will be applied to your rental. Please note: though you pay each viewing, the most you can apply to your final booking is $40.

Are the deposits refundable?

No, deposits are not refundable. We may, upon our discretion, credit your deposit for your next production. Please contact for assistance.

If you have additional questions, please contact

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